Saturday, June 10, 2006


So being in Austria is wonderful for self reflection. I mean people are so ok with their bodies here. I wish that the states could be more this way. (Yes I realize that I'm starting to use wierd German-American grammer.) I just wonder why we, as Americans feel the need to cover everything up. Got a big butt? Cover it with a skirt or slimming pants. Big breasts? Cover those with a high cut neck line. But why should we? We were made the way we were for a reason! I mean really I love the fact that I'm a curvy and I have big tits, that's right tits. I wish we could stop being such prudes. Look out when I get back from EU, I mean I have my style, so what if it flaunts what I've got. I love my jeans, I love my reconstructed t-shirts, I love the look of dresses over jeans. I also love being passionatly dressed up. Why is it that we are supposed to have one style? Why do we have to keep within the confines of what people think is ok, or what people want us to do? I say keep away from the confines of our restrictive culture. Up next in my sweater knitting, something incredibly sexy and low cut that makes me feel beautiful and set apart!