Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Picture Happy and a Sweater

Ok, so I got a new camera right before I left for Canada, and now I'm a bit picture happy.  So I'm gonna post some pics of my last to trips to Disneyland.  The most recent was with my god brother, Scott, and his girlfriend from Spain, Norma.  She is a doll and I really like her, they went back to North Carolina this week so she could meet Scott's parents.  I'm sure they are going to love her, both their boys have ended up with such sweet women.

Scott and Norma in front of the Rivers of America and Pirate Island.

Scott and Norma in front the Castle, they made me jump a fence to get this one, but it was worth it because they look adorable.

There's a pic of Scotty on the Monorail.

Here are the new etched glass Monorail muraly things.  I hadn't seen them before since I don't normally ride the monorail, but I think these are really cool and really well made.  They are also nice because they allow for visibility while still providing privacy for the ride attendants up there.

That's one of my favorite views at Disneyland.  The Matterhorn from the Monorail platform.  Something about a fake mountain in the middle of Anaheim, I just can't get over it.

Not sure why I took this pic, but those are my favorite shoes.  They are Draven's and they are vegan, not that it matters to me, but still kind of cool.  You can also see my orange Halloween socks that I have been wearing a lot lately because I am so ready for Halloween.

So onto the previous trip to Disneyland.  I went with my roomie Josh and Mr Artichoke himself, even though we are no longer dating, still good friends.  So we went and I got to go on Haunted Mansion one last time before they closed it to do the Christmas overlay.  It re-opens as the Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion on September 21 and I'll post pics of it then too.  But that was when I was working on my Something Red that is now done (no I'm lame and don't have pics yet).  I made it out of Malabrigo Little Lovely.  It is such a nice sweater and finally cold enough in the evenings to wear it.  It's so soft and if you haven't knit anything with Malabrigo yet, you need to, it's like wearing a blanket on a cold winter night, actually it's nothing like that but it's the same comfort level.  So onto the pics:

My new favorite picture of Mr. Artichoke, he's making the best face ever.

View from the Tomorrowland Terrace, with a long exposure on my new awesome camera.

I know this one is super bright, but I love the way it turned out.  I love playing with this camera.

That's my Something Red in my bag with my Noro camera cozy on top.  I've been in a really pink mood lately, not sure why, maybe fall?  But that makes no sense either.

That's basically what my purse looks like all the time, it's a big grandma bag with skulls on it, what more could you want?  But there is usually some knitting project that is much to big for the bag, but I take other things, like my wallet and such, out so it'll fit.  I have this need to have my knitting with me at all times.

That's it for the Disneyland pics, onto some yarn content.

The first yarn I ever dyed, it's a skein of Cascade 220 that I dyed purple, I love it, still trying to find the right project for it.

My Something Red on the floor at work when it was almost done.

Close-up and more accurate pic of the color of the yarn.

That's the button that's on the front, it matches the dark parts of the yarn perfectly.

Ok and then the obligatory pic of my odometer now that I've hit 10,000 miles.  I know, 10,000 miles in 5 months is a little excessive, but you start working in the property management business and you'll drive a bunch too.  But look at how much better my camera did taking the pic of my odometer this time (by the way the little airbag light just means I need to take it in for service):

That's it for now, talk to you later in the week I hope!