Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We're Moving

Hey all!  Steve and I are packing up and getting ready to move. 

As you may or may not know the owner of the condo we've been living in for the last 14 months is short selling the home.  The new owners have no intention of renting the house out so we're moving.  At first I was really upset about this, I mean I hate packing and moving.  But it's ended up being a really good thing for us.  We're moving out of a small 900 sq ft 2 bed 2 bath, horrbily designed upstairs condo that needed a lot of work the owner wasn't willing to do.  The home we're moving into is 1132 sq ft 2 stories, 2 bed 2.5 bath with an attached 2 car garage and laundry in the garage.  It's a huge step up for us, not to mention the areas a bit nicer than where we are now, it's all homes as compared to the apartments that surround us now.  I also feel like we'll be able to have people over since all the living areas and such aren't right on top of each other.  Now, I'm looking to paint the house, but we haven't decided what colors we're gonna do as of right now.  So it looks like we'll be painting after we move in.  Because of this I would love to use a paint with no VOC's if at all possible.  I was trying to find a good paint, and had kind of given up, but then I happend on this blog.  She's awesome, and she's having this giveaway!  It's a perfect start to make the new house our home!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I suck

Ok, I know, I know, I suck.  I haven't posted in almost 2 months, but with the wedding and honeymoon and all that I got distracted.

So the wedding was awesome!  I would not recomend my coordinator to anyone however.  There was one point at which we were lined up ready to go down the aisle and not only did she yell at my wedding party about smoking, but the caterer spilled some marinara sauce on the upper level of the cabin deck right in front of us and everytime they tried to wipe it up more spilled down, she did nothing.  I had to ask them to stop wiping until we walked through.  But it was a beautiful day, and I am so glad I am spending the rest of my life with my best friend.  Now for some wedding porn, like I know you all are looking for:

Steve and his best lady Janice waiting for the entrence of the bride.  That's Mike, Janice's brother, in the back ground, he was our officiant.Steve got teary eyed as I walked down the aisle.

Wedding_3 That's our awesome photographer Leah Lee in the background.


Ok so this is a lot of the wedding party right after Grace, the flower girl and Mike's daughter, and Richard, my cousin the ring bearer, entered.  My maid of honor Lauren is in red and my sister Susan is in purple, you can kind of see Amanda in blue there too.



My sister doing her reading from Corelli's Mandolin.

Matt, brother of Mike and Janice and uncle to Grace, doing his reading from Oh The Places You'll Go! You can also see Jeremy in this pic.
Wedding_Kiss  Our first Kiss. 

Our Exit.

Some of my family coming up the aisle after pictures, that's my Momma in the front with her head bent.

The whole wedding party!

Lauren giving her toast.

Wedding_12  Janice giving her toast.

Us toasting.

Steve giving his toast, he got teary eyed again
. Wedding_Pat 
My Dad giving his toast.

My Godfather Tom giving his toast, made everyone cry.


Our first Dance, we danced to I'm Your's by Jason Mraz.


My cousin Zach sang the processional,  Such Great Heights and then I'll Follow You Into The Dark at the reception.  It was awesome.

So that's the wedding, more later.