Monday, July 09, 2007

Awesome Ending to an Insane Weekend

Ok, so I know I need to add some knitting content real soon, but my camera is broken.  The LCD screen thing (yep, I'm totally technical) is cracked, kind of sucks, but I get paid Friday, so I will get a new one then.  But I have been working non stop on an afghan for some friends that are getting married in August.  It's the Sampler Afghan from Cables Untangled. It's really cute, and a great summer project, because you only work on small pieces at a time and then seam them all together.  It's coming out really well.  But that's about all I've been working on.

I didn't get to work on the blanket much this weekend because I baby sat my neice and 2 nephews.  Zoie is 12, Zack is 10, and Zane is 6.  I had a blast, but man do kids wear you out, especially when you're the only one taking care of them, I really don't know how single parents do it.  But we had fun, the kids had a movie marathon on Saturday while I was at a wedding, we went to Ruby's for dinner on Friday, and I took them shopping a couple times.  They had fun, so did I, plus for payment I get a couple free adjustments (my cousin's fiancee is a chiropractor) and awesome handpainted cotton yarn (pictures to follow as soon as I get a working camera).  It's beautiful, and how can you argue with getting paid in 1000 yards of nice quality yarn?

So, as if getting awesome yarn isn't enough, I came home last night to my invite to Ravelry.  That's right I am now a raveler (I don't know if that's what you'd actually call it).  It's such a cool site, I'm starting to add my stash to the site, but without pics it's not really as fun, but soon enough I will get it all added. 

All in all it's been a good last couple of weeks, work is insane this time of year, but what do you expect?  This is the time of year when everyone moves.  So that's been a little stressful, but that's why I knit right?  It has been helping a lot!  I guess that's it for now, I'll update a little later too, hopefully with pics or something.