Wednesday, April 18, 2007

YAY Tattoos!

No I didn't get another one, well not yet anyway.  I took my best friend on Monday to make appointments for us to go get new tats, and she got her first ever.  I was like a proud mother, I know a little wierd right?  But what can ya do? So here she is getting the tat:

I know she kind of looks dead and it kind of looks like Mike is doing an autopsy on her.  So anyway we went to Outer Limits Tattoo in Orange. It was way fun, So on with it, here is her new tat:

Isn't it adorable?  And if you know Sarah, you know it's perfect for her.

Anyway I know I haven't posted forever, but just an update,  I finished the wicked and have started on a jedi top for a friend's baby, I'll post pics when I get a little further along.  But since the last post I have moved and gotten a new car.  I don't have any pics of the new car yet, but here's the odometer at 99 and 150 miles:

Yeah so it hasn't been very warm, can you tell? The first one was at almost midnight and the second was in the afternoon the next day.  Silly coldness I'm getting sick of it!  But we do get this because of it:

That's driving to Pub Knitting in Laguna, gorgeous right?  There are some reasons I do stay here and pay way too much rent and way too much for gas.  Anyway here is our little Pub Knitting group:

Though we usually have a couple more people, not a whole lot and I"m kind of digging that.  I am finding, however, as summer is fast approaching (where did the first quarter of the year go?) we are going to need to find somewhere with less tourists.  I guess that's all the updates for now.  I'll take some more pics and update again soon!  I promise! I'll stop taking 2 months to update!

Just for good measure here's a pic of me and Sarah on our friend Pete's Motorcycle: