Wednesday, January 30, 2008

B is for...

Bubba, he's on the left with the big beard. He's my Uncle and he is all Texas, as is most of my family. Also pictured here is Little Richard (or Richard III) and my Uncle Kevin and in the back ground is my cousin Melissa. This was at Christmas this past year, we all stayed in a cabin, all 24 of us, it was crazy but fun.
Some more Bubba:
Bubba's Christmas Gift 2
Bubba's Christmas Hat
That's him in a hunting hat I made him 3 years ago now I think, maybe only 2...

Style, Color and Living Green

I've been thinking a lot about design lately. Color design, sweater design, clothing design, home design, green design. I find it weird that you have to lose some of your style to live a completely green lifestyle. I mean I'm all for saving the environment, but when did that mean knitting with only organic, naturally dyed cotton? I need some color in my life. I dunno, I see things like this and I realize it's more that we all make some effort, I don't have to become a granola eating, hemp wearing, dread lock sporting uber-hippie. I just need to make an effort towards some change, with time it will be easier.

But onto the topic I mean this blog post to be about, style! I saw this post today about the new Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie offices in Philly. Holy awesome, I want to live in their offices. I'm trying to figure out how to bring more color into the apartment, right now we have dark gray awesomely comfy couches and a matching chair. but nothing else has much color, you know, white walls, dark metal coffee/side tables and an oak entertainment center. I think I need to add some pillows, but I haven't found any fabric I love for this purpose. Guess that means I need to go shopping. I'd love to find some old saris or cool 1970's or 1940's fabric. Like flour sack cotton, now that I think I could find. Maybe do some patchwork with stuff like this and this.

I also really want one of these for our wall:


I think it'd be awesome, you could hang stuff off the antlers, I know I'm a little country sometimes, but what can you do?

I also love this idea that I saw when we went to Blair and Sidra's Wedding in Virginia:


Ok I think I'm done for now, but if you guys have any ideas on new ways to add color, let me know.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First of the Year Organizing

So the year is starting to fly by, but as I move more and more of my stuff into Steve's apartment I'm finding the need to organize. I'm also trying to be less of a hoarder when it comes to fabric and clothing and yarn. In an effort to do all this I'm organizing my fabric and sewing pattern stash. While going through my pattern stash I found this gem:
Dress Pattern.jpg

How awesome is that? I inherited a crapload of patterns from my Grandma when she moved into a smaller house. But in all this thinking about sewing and such I've decided to try and find color inspiration for a new wardrobe and I wore this necklace yesterday that I now want to turn into a bunch of clothing (that sounded weird but I think you know what I mean).
I also really like the idea of taking vintage patterns and making them look punk rock with color and trim choices, so we'll see what wins out, I am going to wait until Spring so I can lose a little more weight and not have to resize all the stuff I just made (I'm being super optimistic, but that's how to do it right?)

I think that's it for today.

Monday, January 14, 2008

A is for...

Anime hair!

After I dyed my hair last night I turned to Steve and said, I look like an anime character. I love it! I've gotten mixed reviews so far. My Mom hates it, she said it doesn't look natural so she doesn't like it. My counter to this was, "Did my black hair with pink streaks look natural?" I'm not too upset by her analysis of it, it wasn't meant to look natural oddly enough. Both my Dad and Chris in the office made the comment that it's "bright". I like that one. Steve loves it, we'll just see what everyone else thinks.

Update 11:27: Our Mailman, Roger, just came in and asked me if I had sunburnt hair, that's my favorite comment so far.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year's Resolution List

I stole this from Nikol Lohr and I thought it was a great idea to write it all up in the blog. So here it is, my list:

under 2 hours
under a day
a day or 2
a month or so

  1. Wedding Shawl for Sarah
  2. Finish Halloween Mystery Shawl
  3. Hat for Steve
  4. Mystic Waters Shawl
  5. "The Dude" Sweater for Steve
  6. Spin my stash of roving
  7. Wash and card fleece from Tina
  8. Make a quilt for the bed
  9. Be able to run 5 miles in under an hour
  10. Get to my goal weight
  11. Continue to eat mostly healthy food
  12. Make an outfit for Bat's Day
  13. Sew a jacket or coat
  14. Sew a dress
  15. Find out if I'm eligible for Lasik Surgery
  16. Find a new job
  17. Make stuff to sell on Etsy
  18. Read at least 6 Novels
  19. Write a knitting or crochet pattern
  20. Write a blog post at least once a week
  21. I joined the ABC Along on Ravelry
  22. Transfer all my photos from my PC to CDs and store them
  23. Make a scrapbook for Chris
I think that's it for now, I will most likely add to this, but we'll see.