Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First of the Year Organizing

So the year is starting to fly by, but as I move more and more of my stuff into Steve's apartment I'm finding the need to organize. I'm also trying to be less of a hoarder when it comes to fabric and clothing and yarn. In an effort to do all this I'm organizing my fabric and sewing pattern stash. While going through my pattern stash I found this gem:
Dress Pattern.jpg

How awesome is that? I inherited a crapload of patterns from my Grandma when she moved into a smaller house. But in all this thinking about sewing and such I've decided to try and find color inspiration for a new wardrobe and I wore this necklace yesterday that I now want to turn into a bunch of clothing (that sounded weird but I think you know what I mean).
I also really like the idea of taking vintage patterns and making them look punk rock with color and trim choices, so we'll see what wins out, I am going to wait until Spring so I can lose a little more weight and not have to resize all the stuff I just made (I'm being super optimistic, but that's how to do it right?)

I think that's it for today.

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loopykd said...

I love the colors in the necklace. Awesome dress. Will you make it soon or is it a stash item to keep forever and not use?