Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year's Resolution List

I stole this from Nikol Lohr and I thought it was a great idea to write it all up in the blog. So here it is, my list:

under 2 hours
under a day
a day or 2
a month or so

  1. Wedding Shawl for Sarah
  2. Finish Halloween Mystery Shawl
  3. Hat for Steve
  4. Mystic Waters Shawl
  5. "The Dude" Sweater for Steve
  6. Spin my stash of roving
  7. Wash and card fleece from Tina
  8. Make a quilt for the bed
  9. Be able to run 5 miles in under an hour
  10. Get to my goal weight
  11. Continue to eat mostly healthy food
  12. Make an outfit for Bat's Day
  13. Sew a jacket or coat
  14. Sew a dress
  15. Find out if I'm eligible for Lasik Surgery
  16. Find a new job
  17. Make stuff to sell on Etsy
  18. Read at least 6 Novels
  19. Write a knitting or crochet pattern
  20. Write a blog post at least once a week
  21. I joined the ABC Along on Ravelry
  22. Transfer all my photos from my PC to CDs and store them
  23. Make a scrapbook for Chris
I think that's it for now, I will most likely add to this, but we'll see.

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