Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Style, Color and Living Green

I've been thinking a lot about design lately. Color design, sweater design, clothing design, home design, green design. I find it weird that you have to lose some of your style to live a completely green lifestyle. I mean I'm all for saving the environment, but when did that mean knitting with only organic, naturally dyed cotton? I need some color in my life. I dunno, I see things like this and I realize it's more that we all make some effort, I don't have to become a granola eating, hemp wearing, dread lock sporting uber-hippie. I just need to make an effort towards some change, with time it will be easier.

But onto the topic I mean this blog post to be about, style! I saw this post today about the new Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie offices in Philly. Holy awesome, I want to live in their offices. I'm trying to figure out how to bring more color into the apartment, right now we have dark gray awesomely comfy couches and a matching chair. but nothing else has much color, you know, white walls, dark metal coffee/side tables and an oak entertainment center. I think I need to add some pillows, but I haven't found any fabric I love for this purpose. Guess that means I need to go shopping. I'd love to find some old saris or cool 1970's or 1940's fabric. Like flour sack cotton, now that I think I could find. Maybe do some patchwork with stuff like this and this.

I also really want one of these for our wall:


I think it'd be awesome, you could hang stuff off the antlers, I know I'm a little country sometimes, but what can you do?

I also love this idea that I saw when we went to Blair and Sidra's Wedding in Virginia:


Ok I think I'm done for now, but if you guys have any ideas on new ways to add color, let me know.

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