Monday, July 13, 2009

I Bought A Wedding Dress

So, you all know I was planning on making my wedding dress. Well, my Mom decided that I really needed to get the experience of trying on wedding dresses. We went down to Mon Cherie Bridal in Costa Mesa and I tried on anything that my wedding dress consultant brought me. Well there was one dress I kind of liked and we only had a couple to go. The second to last dress was super cute and Marilyn Monroe-y, but it would have meant all of my tidle-bitties hanging out. So we get to the last dress, which I hated on the hanger by the way, and I was convinced it was going to look like crap. Now, keep in mind that there is just over 3 months before the wedding, so we were going to have to pay a rush fee if the dress I chose didn't fit well. So I put on the dress, she zipped it up, and it. was. perfect. I love this dress, I didn't want to take it off. It is made of silk taffeta so it's super light and it's gorgeous. It also had all the things I didn't want, a train, beading, lace and pearls. So enough with the talk here's the pics:

So there you have it, I also ordered the bird cage veil and the flower you can kind of see in these pictures.


Shrinky Inky said...

congrats and it is lovely!! having made my first dress and had my second dress custom made, you are VERY lucky to find one that fits in the store! it was meant to be yours!

loopykd said...

Wow, so lovely and elegant. Every bride should look like you on their wedding day! Congrats on the true happiness it looks like you found in your fiance and your dress!