Friday, March 26, 2010

A recipe to share and a couple announcements!

Hey all, so it was my new boss' (more on that later) birthday a couple weeks ago and I got to make the cake.  Well he wanted a chocolate cake but, I've made too many of those so I wanted to make something a little different, so I went searching on the web.  I noticed that he likes coffee quite a bit, so I thought the Beatty's Chocolate Cake Recipe by Ina Garten looked awesome, and different! It turned out really great, just a couple things I'd do differently next time, it calls for freshly brewed coffee and I think next time I'd use a big Pyrex measuring cup to measure it since I managed to burn my hand trying to measure the hot coffee out.  I forgot to take pictures before I served it, but here's some after it was half gone:

I also wanted to announce that since my parents moved, they gave us their cat, Tinkerbelle, since cats don't do too well on road trips and they are planning on going to Africa this summer for 2 months, she'd get eaten by a lion.  But here's my little lady:
DSCN0673  Yeah, she's got a little attitude problem, and see the hair rubberband in the upper left corner there?  Yeah those are all over the house now because she steals them to play with and will actually fetch them if you throw or shoot them for her.  I'm hoping to get a video of that up pretty soon.

The last announcement is the most amazing one to me.  Last night Steve and I were at Sprouts getting some stuff for lunches and some stuff for his leg cramps and as we're standing in line he says to me, "How many days are in April? 30 right?"  I say yes and he says, "I think we should go totally vegetarian for the whole month."  I was flaberghasted, I mean as you may or may not know, I was a vegetarian for a while when I was younger and have wanted to go back to that way of eating lately, but it's hard with 2 meat eaters in the house.  So it looks like starting April 1st, we're going to be vegetarians for 30 days.  I'll update the blog a little more often as we've decided to call the experiment "Walking a Caveman Through the World of Veggies"  or something like that.  So now a question, what are your favorite vegetable recipes?

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