Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Not Really About Knitting

I don't get why it's considered such a wrong thing to tell someone you really don't have time to listen to their ramblings about their new haircut or whatever. Dude, if I don't have time to talk to you it's not a personal thing (well not entirely) I just don't have time, get over it.
I also don't get why shoes are required everywhere, if it weren't for this whole having to wear shoes in stores and at work and such, I never would. I love being bare foot, the feel of everything under toe (literally). I dunno, I might just be wierd, or maybe it's that I love to be outside, who knows.
I dunno, I'm sort of feeling a lull in my creativity. I think I just need something to majorly jumpstart me. When I'm not feeling creative I tend to feel more irritable, must be something to do with inability to express myself. I also really really want to move right now. I'm thinking I should be able to get everything together by January, if not by then, then I'll wait until a little later, like marchish. I dunno, I hope to be out of cali this time next year, but we'll have to see.
That's it for now I guess, I feel the need to knit something really punk rock, which means I think I'm going to work on that bag of mine. God I hate working on only one project. I should finish Melissa's blanket tomorrow night, then I'll start on the bag again on the plane. That's it for now.

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