Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Oh Canada

Ok, so I know I've been back for almost 2 weeks, but I've been studying for this stupid Real Estate Exam.  I took that this morning, so we'll find out soon.  The thought of that is a little scary for me, but hey, it's life right?

So, on to the trip.  It was super fun, I didn't realize how much I missed all my friends from Chicago.  The flights there were kind of special, we left 20 min late from LAX because the piolet was filling out paperwork (seriously, he couldn't do that when we got there?), which made us 20 min late to JFK, because of that it took like 30 min to find a spot for us.  I finally got off the plane and had to run, I mean full bore running with no shoes on carrying all my carry-on stuff.  I get to the other gate and they weren't going to let me on the plane, after a lot of pleading and crying, I finally made it on the flight and was applauded!  When I got to PEI it was wedding central, craziness as is always the case with weddings, but it was fun to get to be part of the whole process.  The batchelorette party was that Saturday night and we had so much fun.  We ate dinner at Esther's cousin Maria's house, then went to Cheryl's (the maid of honor) house for the personal shower, then belly dancing and then drinking and dancing at a local club in Charlottetown.  Here's some pics from that insanity:

Some of the Girls at Cheryl's

Esther doing a shot of whiskey after losing at one of the games.

Belly Dancing!

Esther dancing with the owner of the restaurant.

That's all of us after belly dancing!

So then Monday we went deep sea fishing, which of course means I went deep sea puking, but that's only because I really suck at not getting sick in the ocean.  But it was ok, I had a blast despite the fact that I lost my breakfast.  Here's some pics of my friends from Chicago on the boat:

Ryan and Jeremy.

Jeremy after catching his first fish.

Me and Bonnie, we were the two sickies.

Rachael when she caught her first fish.

Then Tuesday was the wedding, it was beautiful, Esther looked amazing.  I sang a duet with Chris and we also sang some Praise and Worship songs, with Esther's bro Nick, and Josiah's brothers Jeremy and Jesse playing in the band, and Josiah's sister Danielle singing with us.  It was awesome.  I only have a few pics from that because I'm lame and forget that I own a camera half the time.

Eshter with her brother Nick and brother-in-law Greg.

Awesomely odd pic of Esther, but you can see how gorgeous she looked.

Could you think of a more amazing place to have a reception.

Aubrey, Rachael, Me and Esther before the reception.

Aubs and I with the boys in the background.

There was a cake at each table so you could take as much or as little as you wanted.  This was a really neat touch, I think everyone liked it.

I swear one of these days I'm going to post some knitting content, maybe I'll remember to take pictures Wednesday night at Pub Knitting.  We'll see.  I'm working on the shawl collar of the Something Red sweater and should have it done this week.  I'll update with pics I promise!  Oh the other outcome of this trip to PEI is I've decided to move back to Chicago, it's not going to happen until after the first of the year, but it's really gonna happen this time.  Ok that's it, guess I have to get some real work done today.

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CraftyCanadian said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! The big question is... did you have time to go yarn shopping? :)