Friday, December 12, 2008

I just need to vent

I am so freaking pissed this morning and there isn't anyone I can vent to, so I'm going to vent to you dear readers, if you're not in the mood to hear a stupid rant about stupid people, please skip over this post.

Ok disclaimer done.

I work my ass off at my job, I'm really good at what I do. I'm an incredibly honest person. I would never steal from anyone, let alone people I do business with. That said, we had a tenant who was bringing her rent in cash because she was having some sort of issue with her bank account. I let her do this for a couple months, thinking she'd get it sorted out, well it's been about 6 months now and it's getting pretty old, especially since I have a remote deposit scanner now and don't have to go to the bank, except when she brings her rent in. This month, I get her rent, gave her her change, photocopied the money (after she left, she didn't ask for a receipt), and put the cash in a sealed envelope because I was afraid the money might get lost. I got to the bank and she informed me it was $100 short. I proceeded to freak out. I scoured my purse, where the sealed envelope had been. No money in my purse, well that's not entirely true, I had $3 in my wallet, love my check card. Then I rushed back to the office, tore apart my desk and the money wasn't there, then I thought of checking the photocopy of the money, sure enough it was $100 short. So I redid the deposit and had my boss call the tenant and let her know that it was $100 short. Now said tenant is accusing me of stealing $100. So I don't know what my boss will say when she gets back from vacation. But she knows me really well and knows I would never, never steal money from anyone. I am so upset over this, I've known this tenant since I was a kid and now she's accusing me of stealing her money, wtf?!?!?!

That's all, I'll have another post once I've calmed down from this.

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MarieT said...

(((hugs))) That woman is setting herself up for a lot of bad karma. Definitely time to stop accepting cash from her. (You can always claim it's a safety issue - don't want to have that amount of cash around, could get mugged, etc.)
Hope everything else is going well for you.
(FYI - the word verification is quitti - is that a sign?)