Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Knitting Cruise, and other things too

So I crocheted a camaflouge beanie and wrist warmers and eye patch for Jimmy on the way home from Laughlin, I'll have to get some pics from him later. But the big news of this post is the knitting cruise that Amanda just told me about! so awesome, I need to go to Canada, and I need to knit and be on a boat, see how well this works! I think I may have to go on this, maybe get Sarah to go too!

Also I'm gonna host a 1920's murder mystery, gonna be so fun!

I just re-started the central park hoodie from the Fall knitscene, it's so cute, I ripped out Mariah to knit it, she just fit weird, must be the boobage. Also thinking of doing a bunch of stuff from Big Girl Knits, it's my new favorite book. K that's it for now, I'll get you some pics later.

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