Friday, February 08, 2008

C is for...



I went to Europe 2 years ago this June with my cousin Kim, we had a lot of fun. While we were in Denmark visiting my cousin Adrianne and her husband, Johannes, and their 2 kids, Emil and Ella, we went to an area of Copenhagen known as Christiania or Freetown Christiania. It's an amazing place, it was an old naval barracks that was taken over by a group of people as a protest against the Danish government for lack of affordable housing.

As we were walking toward Christiania you started to feel the difference in the street. There started to be a distinct feeling of creativity. Once we entered the archway marking Pusher Street your senses were overwhelmed. The smell of marijuana was overpowering, and the distinct lack of infrastructure was quite apparent. There are no cameras allowed on Pusher Street, but once you get beyond that you can photograph all you want. There was a distinct hippie/artsy feel to the entire settlement, like a throwback to the 1960's. As we continued through the streets there were the most amazing houses and parks, all made from materials reclaimed from the naval barracks. It was like visiting a giant artist/hippie commune. I feel in love instantly, from the innovative architecture to the abundance of plant life amazingly absent from the rest of Copenhagen, everything seemed to mesh with my spirit instantaneously. It makes me want to start thinking about innovative ways to build a house or finish off the inside of an older house. I know that I am a hippie at heart and this is probably all that looks like from this post but it felt like everything that should be in life, none of this living off credit or anything like that, just life in balance with nature and government. The only thing that worries me about this settlement is that the Danish government is trying to get rid of Christiania because it doesn't adhere to traditional values or structure. Hopefully the next time I'm there it still will be also.

To view the entire photo set go here.

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