Monday, February 18, 2008


This is how my day started out:

That was the sunrise as viewed from the window of the apartment. I saw this as I was putting my yoga mat away. It was incredibly inspiring. Sometimes the little things are what I really need to make my day.

Then I got to work and my Mom was here, and we had some awesome conversation about making cloth pads to send to Africa via Goods 4 Girls. And it was cool and then my Dad came in and it was like no one could do anything good. So that's where I'm at at this point of my day. I'm sure it'll get better when I get home I'm going to work on a coat for my trip to Chicago next week.

Edit: I figured it out. My Dad brought me a valentine from my Grandma and she wrote in it "No college - no money. I'm praying for your weight loss." I don't care if I get money, but what the hell kind of valentine greeting is that? You're a slacker and you're fat? Whatever, this is why I don't enjoy going home for family gatherings.


gabarella said...

Okay Bree, now I look like a stalker, but I had to comment. What the F*ck! Just let me know where she lives, and senior citizen or not, it's on!

CraftyCanadian said...

I'm with gabarella WTF!?!?!?