Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cute Shoes for Cheap, Worth It?

So I got my hair cut last night so that I look amazing for my trip to Chicago (I leave tomorrow). And I figured why not stop at Ross and see if there are any new shirts I needed for work. I found 2, while I was there I also managed to find 4 pairs of shoes that I needed, you know how that goes. Well I'm line and this guy comes out of nowhere and grabs this basket that was off to the side and gets in front of me in line. And I politely said," Excuse me sir but I was in line." And he says to me, "Well I had this basket there and that was holding my place in line." And I informed him that I wasn't aware that he was in line and told him I'd be the bigger person and let him go in front of me. Well that set him off, he started yelling at me and insulting me, so I apologized for the misunderstanding. At this point his wife, who was standing at the returns counter starts yelling at me and acting like she's going to come back and kick my ass. I apologized to both of them again and asked the man to refrain from speaking to me. He kept yelling at me and I said to him, "I've asked you politely to stop speaking to me and I've let you go in front of me in line, I don't see why there is still a problem." And he continues to berate me, at which point my parents friend, Joann, came up, she had been in line behind me unbeknown to me. She also told the man that she had heard me apologize to him numerous times and wasn't sure why there was still a problem. He and his wife then attacked Joann and me both. It was an insane night. Finally I get to be the second person in line and the checker at the regular counter (not the returns and exchanges) calls for the next customer, I naturally didn't go because I was behind crazy man. His wife then looks at me and says, "Bitch, it's your f*cking turn!" As I was walking to the register I said that the language was uncalled for and she came up on me and started pushing me, I asked the checker to check me out 3 times before she finally would. Then as I was leaving the store the crazy woman started following me out to my car, luckily I was driving Steve's truck, I think it made her back off a little, but she continued to scream profanities at me as I drove by. I think what upset me the most about this was that nobody who worked at the store came to settle this dispute. I mean everyone around me (Joann asked) said that he was the one who over reacted and that I wasn't in the wrong. The lack of help from people around was sad, but that's the way of people I guess. So here's the shoes I waited through this hell for:








So I don't know if I'll be going back to this Ross, but if I do I'm for sure taking Steve along with me.


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loopykd said...

Holy smokes! Which Ross were you at? I would have said something if I were there. I think I get too caught up in things but people bug me. that level of over-reaction is weird. I wonder if they were "altered". The shoes are AWESOME though. I am posting a shoe picture later today :)

Jerry said...

That looks like the Marketplace Ross...
The first two pairs of shoes are super special cute! I may have lost it and if it had escalated to physical contact I would have called the police. A box does not a line holder make. It would have been behind me. Ignorant, rude and obnoxious people really make my blood boil. The shoes are definitely worth the effort. One day they will run across the wrong person and they will get what's due.

Jen said...

Saw your blog through "Feeling Stitchy"...what fun, eh?

Anyway, I love the new shoes especially the green ones.

And those people in line? What a bunch of creeps. No one deserves to be treated like that. Unfortunately you'll probably remember this for a very long time. People don't realize what effect they have on others.

And you're a saint for even letting that guy back in line.

Anonymous said...

Your only mistake was NOT calling the police right there from your cell phone. If you had been followed, which by your description was quite possible, it could have gotten really nasty. The minute that lady touched you, even if it were ever so slightly, call the police. That would have alerted the powers that be in the store that they, too, would have to answer to a "higher authority." I had a similar incident years ago in an Albertson, and when I left the store, I requested an escort incase the a*hole were waiting for me in the parking lot. Don't be afraid to look proactive.