Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This post actually has fiber content

Are you amazed? I've been spinning, I filled a bobbin with half of the fiber I got from the Spunky Club in April (maybe) don't remember. But here's the first bobbin:

I'm going to spin another bobbin and ply them, no idea what I'm going to make with it yet, but it'll come to me I'm sure.

I thought this was cute when I looked in the back of my Dad's truck this morning (still don't have my car back, hopefully this week):
Why is there purple lined up in the bed of the truck you ask?

They're flowers that fell off a tree, I love the color, but these suckers get slippery when they are on the cement.

So on my lunch break today I went to the LAB to get some lunch at The Gypsy Den, and I decided to stop into Urban Outfitters where I got this super cute hat:


And here it is on, I don't know what inspired the off kilter Rockabilly pompadour, but I'm kind of diggin it today.
We're moving Pub Knitting tomorrow night, we'll be at the Steelhead Brewery in Irvine by UCI, should be fun times!

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