Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Part 2

So I got to have 2 Halloween costumes this year. This first one was for work, I went as an 80's chick, I found silver leggings at Target and I needed an excuse to buy them, plus my real costume was too short for work. So here I am on our balcony, sorry for the turned pic, that's how Steve likes to take them:

Then for Halloween night Steve and I went as the Dude and Ms. Lebowski from The Big Lebowski during his acid trip. I made my costume and knit Steve a sweater from the movie, which I'll have to post later since he wasn't wearing it for these pics:



And here is Steve without his wig looking decidedly like a gay Mr. Clean, but I still love him:

That was our Halloween night since we didn't have the munchkin, it was super fun!

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Obsessed with knitting said...

love LOVE your costumes!! Very creative! Great movie!