Tuesday, February 10, 2009

03/365 Bread

So in an effort to save money and be more of a 1950's housewife, I made bread. I made bread and it was good. It wasn't like a rock, it wasn't all gooey, it tasted good and was cheap! I love this idea, I'm going to try to make bread every week, that way Steve has something home baked in his lunch every day! Sorry that the pics were after the bread had already been sliced, so it's not the whole loaf, but it was yummy:
03/361 Whole Wheat Bread
Whole Wheat Bread 2

That's my awesome Wustof cutting board that came with my awesome knife for Christmas from my parents this year.


CraftyCanadian said...

Oooh if you like homemade bread you MUST check out "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day". The breads are AMAZING and it couldn't be any easier. No kneading, just stir up a batch of (fairly wet) dough and stick it in the fridge. I know it sounds weird but it WORKS! The concept is that you keep the dough in the fridge (for about a week) so you can make bread at a moments notice. Well about an hour's notice really but you only need to form the loaf, let it rise a bit then bake so it's only 5 minutes of effort per day. Almost easier than a bread machine and certainly better than any bread machine bread I ever made! You could have a small loaf of fresh bread every day if you wanted to :) I should get back to trying more from this book...

BreeAsInTheTown said...

Thanks for the book recommendation, I'm definitely going to try it out!