Friday, February 13, 2009

06/365 Self Portrait and a Hand-knit

I figured I'd do another Self Portrait today, I think I'll do one a week or so during this year. Today I wore my hair up and my neck gets super cold when it's not covered so I figured I'd wear the scarf I knit for my Chicago trip last spring. It's made out of Noro Silk Garden in a 1x1 rib and alternating balls every other row. I love it, but I wish I'd used 4 balls instead of 3, the sales lady at Strands and Stitches in Laguna Beach talked me out of it. Don't get me wrong it's a great length for California, but when I was in Chicago it wasn't quite long enough to wrap around my face and my neck and tuck into my jacket. But it's still one of my faves! Notice my cheeks are rosy from the freezing 50 degree weather.


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