Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I found the pattern for my Wedding Dress

Ok, I'm pretty sure the title says it all, but here it is:
image of V1094
I found it because lovely 50's Gal posted a pic of the pattern as something to make. Go read her blog, it's a really interesting experiment that she's doing. I love reading it and I love her even more now that she helped me find my wedding dress, for the record it's going to be the shorter version. I'm planning on making it in a peacock blue silk shantung, but not until late this summer, as I want to lose some weight before I get to that point.

I love this idea for a Save the Date Card:
Makes me want to steal it!


Marie said...

That's an awesome pattern. It looks so 'twirly' - i.e. the kind of dress you just want to twirl around in because it's so much fun.
You could change the coffee pattern to be two entwined hearts or something? Or just steal the idea. :-)

Anti-m said...

How cool! I found your (now rather old) post searching "50s wedding dresses" because I am in the home-stretch of making my own wedding dress from this very pattern! Do you have pictures of the final result? It is a wonderful pattern -- I've been very happy with it.