Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Zane's Birthday

There are times in my life when I am immensely glad that I don't have siblings, and there are times when I know I missed out on so majorly awesome times. Friday night was one of the times I felt both. We went over to my cousin's for my youngest nephew's birthday, it was a really fun time, they made him a giant hamburger for dinner, which goes along with Steve's wish for a meatloaf cake for his birthday, more on that next month.

P1010563.JPGP1010562.JPG P1010561.JPG
So that was followed by lots of conversation in which I found out that my cousin JoQueta thinks that because of all the economic stuff going on that we are all going to have to move to the family farm in Oklahoma and live off of alternative fuel sources, also a whole seperate post. But then, it was time to do the cake and Zane's 4 older siblings were sweet enough to get him a tiny pink cake as a joke to try and make him cry, sweet right? Well then Zoie, thinking that her sweet youngest brother wouldn't retaliate smashed his face into the cake.
Well Zane being super crafty decided it would piss his sister off more to get it in her hair.
She was none to happy.
P1010568.JPG P1010569.JPG
The real cake was a cookies and cream ice cream cake and was super!

I am happy to report that Jim was good enough to keep the demon dog outside the whole night and none of us were attacked. Although he did ask if he could let the dog in at one point to which my Dad replied, "Don't you dare let him in, I'll kill that f***ing dog." Which is weird to hear from my father the owner of 2 dogs and a cat and the former dog shows man. Tells you how evil this freaking dog is, half Rottweiler and half Chow, not a good mix, especially if you don't train it.

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CraftyCanadian said...

Chow mixes are not good... My old room mate had a chow/lab mix that I SWEAR had a split personality!! Sometimes he was a sweet lovable dopey (typical) lab and other times you'd swear he could rip your arm off - well not MY arm but anyone he perceived as a threat to me or his owner - VERY jealous which is not really a lab trait...