Monday, November 26, 2007


Ok, maybe not ever, but it's pretty freaking awesome! I have literally been calling on this book everyday since last week, or having Sarah call on it (that's what best friend/assistants are for right? Not to mention she's awesome and loves me!). So I got mine at Barnes and Noble because I have an awesome friend there who got them out of the boxes for me!!! And as he read the description and looked through the book he was all, "Yeah this book is perfect for you." I love, love, love this book. The writing is freaking hilarious, the patterns are great, I have a few I need to make including the snake dance thigh highs, gothic glam yule hat, immaculate heart, liza's net, apothrcary/i [skull] trouble tote, bad eggs, three owls, wheel of the year skirt and the chandeliers. I had some heads up on three of the patterns (linked above) because futuregirl is awesome and was the one who made the patterns and I read her blog every time she posts. Basically, I'm hating that I have Christmas knitting because I need to wait to make these things. Apparently Ms. V feels the same way I read her post and I was like yup, that's how I feel.


J Leona said...

The book sounds really cool. I'll have to check it out. It sounds like the perfect book for ADD Crafters. Lord knows I can't have too many hobbies especially those that include fibers and beads. :)

kristina! said...

this book looks amazing! i totally have to get it!