Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I really hate when people ask you to do something, you do it and due to circumstances beyond your control it gets screwed up somehow.  And then they accuse you of lying about it.  I haven't done anything for her to suspect me of lying, but there it is.  I guess I'm just kind of sick of my job, I didn't really want to get my real estate liscense in the first place and now that there's drama with it, I get blamed.  I don't really enjoy the whole real estate thing, and on top of that, my job never seems to end.  I really just want to work a job that I go to in the morning, go home in the evening and am done with at that point.  Not one where when I'm making dinner I have to answer questions about the day during, or that I get numerous phone calls during vacation about.  I'm seriously thinking about quitting, going back to school and working some whatever job just to pay the bills.  I mean I really don't feel the need to make tons of money and Steve and I could afford it if I moved in with him, he even offered it this morning.  But I figure I'll stick it out for a little while longer to see if my parents sell the business and what not, save up some money then work on my BA, in what I don't know.  Possibly costume design, possibly history, possibly both.  And my parents can't really fault me for that since their biggest dream is to see me graduate college.  So it kind of seems like a win win, the only down side is I wouldn't have as much free time or extra spending money, but that I could deal with for a little while.

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